EMF Sources

In 2010 my wife was diagnosed with bowel cancer and I had personally suffered from sever headaches for a number of years and had difficulty sleeping.

We asked Guy Hudson from Beneficial Environments UK to carry out a house audit and upon investigation he found that the Dirty Electricity readings were extremely high (over 800GS). We had a DECT phone beside our bed and a wifi router in the next room which was never turned off. We also had a microwave phone link in the attic above our bed as our house was across two fields and no physical phone line was ever installed. Thankfully we were able to remove all of the above and installed Stetzerizer filters. The dirty electricity readings are now below 50GS

I am an electronic engineer and as a result of Guy’s audit I bought different test meters and attended various EMF training courses in the UK to improve my knowledge.

Since then I have carried out several house audits throughout Ireland and in most cases there are simple ways to solve the problem once you know the source.

In 2007 an international group of scientists and public health experts released a detailed document, The BioInitiative Report that shows the detrimental health effects of EMF’s.   EMF’s have been shown to be linked to Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Disorders. ADD/ADHD and Mood Issues plus many others.

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