Health Effects

Is EMF making you sick?


In 2011 the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified microwave radiation emitted from wireless devices as a possible carcinogen (cancer causing agent – Class 2B) Click here for link to download document.

Scientists have researched a number of diseases caused by EMF’s and over the coming years more links between diseases and electromagnetic radiation will be found. The following is list of effects on the body whose cause is related to emf.

Cell Communication

: cells communicate using very low levels of voltages, our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. EMF’s disturb this communication or cause it to fail.

Oxygen Transport

: EMF causes red blood cells to clump together reducing the transportation efficiency of oxygen and removal of waste disposal. This can lead to tissues receiving very low levels of oxygen which is essential for all healthy tissue resulting in a build up of cellular waste. Click here to watch a video of Live Blood Analysis and the effects of EMF.

Reduced Melatonin

: If EMF’s are present during night time the pineal gland sees this as ‘daylight’ and this results in disturbed sleep and low levels of production of our natural antioxidant melatonin. Melatonin is known to be anti-cancerous, 5 times more powerful than vitamin C.

Reduced Immune System

: EMF’s can cause the body to reduce production of T-lymphocytes. T-lymphocytes control the bodies’ immune system response to infected and malignant cells.

Increased Stress

: EMF’s can cause stress at the cellular level resulting in increase in production of cortisol (stress hormone). This can lead to disturbed sleep, cardiovascular problems, autoimmune problems, premature aging plus a lot more.

Raised Blood Sugar

: EMF’s can cause blood sugar levels to increase which can lead to symptoms such as headaches, diabetes, fatigue, etc.

Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS)

: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is causing distress and loss of quality of life to a growing number of Europeans.

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