Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields, particularly from 50 Hz AC building wiring, are a known cancer risk, and when magnetic and electric fields are both present in sleeping areas, the cancer risk is reported to be eleven times higher than with either alone. Electric field exposure can prevent a deep, restful sleep, while magnetic field exposure essentially wears down your immune system and causes a host of symptoms in clients.

The Four Sources of AC Magnetic Field EMF Exposure

The building biology profession recognizes four potential sources of unhealthy magnetic field exposure in homes. They include:

  • Outside overhead powerlines
  • “Point sources” within the home (such as motors, transformers, and electric breaker panels and meters)
  • Wiring errors, and
  • Electric current running on metal water pipes and the grounding system

These potential sources of magnetic field exposure should be measured to identify at various “hot spots” from various sources during home survey evaluation.

Common sources in the home include but are not limited to;

Fuse Boards

Spot Lights

Power Supplies

Clock Radios

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