Mobile Phone Masts

With the invention of mobile phones in the 1980’s there was a need to build a network of mobile phone masts to transmit to and from the mobile phones. Today it is estimated that there are more than 5 million phone masts around the world. Unfortunately these microwave transmitters where allowed to be constructed without a single piece of research into the long term effects of the masts and this microwave transmission. Over the last 10 years mobile phone antennas or masts have popped up around the country, some clearly visible while others are are not so easily seen.

Comreg run a website (see above). It shows that there are nearly 10,000 mobile phone transmitters in Ireland. Why not go to their website and see how many transmitters are in your location.

Doctors in West Kempten a town in Germany decided to prove the Mobile Phone masts were causing health problems. They took blood samples of people before and after the mobile phone masts were switched on, the people also stopped using their own mobile phones, home wifi etc. The results clearly showed that levels of Serotonin and Melatonin were altered once the masts were turned on.

Serotonin levels were halved. Serotonin controls your mood, anger, aggression, body temperature, sleep, sexual appetite and metabolism.

Melatonin levels were high during the day and low during the night, they should in fact be the other way around. Melatonin helps controls sleep cycle, boosts your immune system and it also is one of the bodies primary antioxidant and cancer fighting hormones.

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