What struck the most about John is he is very personable and caring, which settled my decision on him over the other EMF Surveyors in the country. He also was willing to travel far. He was happy and quick to answer my after-service questions and was concerned for us as consumers – most helpful! We so appreciate his guidance. Thank you, John, for your ‘hands-on’ assistance with this much needed and under unrecognized protection against hidden dangers in our home, especially to those who suffer. God Bless you!


John checked out her house and explained everything in plain simple language that we could understand, and gave us the information to take steps to lower the risks.
Your health is your wealth!
Thanks John


Really delighted with the results achieved by Electrosmog Ireland. John did a full assessment of our home, gave a clear explanation of his findings and provided immediate remedies to problem areas. We feel more relaxed in our home environment now and are enjoying a notably greater quality of sleep. Thanks John!


John is very passionate, friendly & good at what he does. I was impressed with his vast knowledge on electrosmog as well as geopathic stress.

He does a thorough job of checking your home for geopathic stress as well as all types of harmful radiation such as EMFs & shows you how to lessen your exposure to this.

I’m glad I made use of this service, it has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend John to check the home of anyone I know.

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