Your Home

It is very difficult to stop this technology and it’s transmission outside your home, there are however things that you can do to help yourself at home.

DECT Phones: Replace all cordless phones with normal wired phones. If this can’t be done then move the base station to a room where you spend little time as the signal from the base station is strongest resulting in more damage to you. Also if possible turn it off at night.

WIFI: Turn WIFI off at night and better still use a cabled system around your home and turn wifi off all the time.

Mobile Phone Headset: Using the earphones keeps the mobile phone away from your skull and brain. Use the phone as little as possible and switch off at night.

GS Filters: These filters plug into a mains socket and take away any dirty electricity.

Bed Position: If possible move the bed away from walls that have electric cables in them. Switch off and unplug any electric devices beside the bed including clocks and radios.

Fuse Board: Find out where the fuse board is located. Make sure people don’t sleep or sit within 2 feet as they emit magnetic fields.

Ground Sheets: It has been shown that sleeping on a grounded sheet reduces body stress and helps you get a better nights’ sleep.

Home Inspection: Why not get a survey of your home carried out. This can show you sources of EMF and how to overcome them in your home.

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